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Will the Grass be Greener?

I am currently packing my bags as I prepare to return to the UK on Wednesday. Funnily, I always seem to do my best blogging/emailing/Facebook updating when I’m meant to be doing some other chore. As I get ready to … Continue reading

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Not Getting It

Okay, I admit it. I myself have uttered the defeatist phrase, “They just don’t get it!” They, in this case, usually refers to senior management (SMT). I am aware that it is entirely unhelpful and reflects poorly on me, but … Continue reading

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Public Libraries: The Envy of the World

When I lived in Syria and told people I was a librarian, some people were confused. Universities in Syria have libraries, of course, and there is a large national library, but there is no extensive system of public libraries and … Continue reading

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Effective Searching

I spent much of my time in my most recent post as a school librarian trying to explain to pupils the importance of effective searching. Teachers and I observed that many pupils thought online research meant typing their assignment questions … Continue reading

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Last Day

Last year at this time I was busily preparing for pupils to return to school, and I was working round the clock as it was the first time I had done the “back to school” thing. This year, life is … Continue reading

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