Heading North…Again!

So, it turns out my moniker is still appropriate after all. Barring any unforeseen complications with my work permit application, I will be moving back up north within the next few weeks.

As it has been about six months since my last post, perhaps I should explain. I completed and submitted my dissertation last week. After being completely immersed in studying the relationship between freedom of information and sustainable development within a Tanzanian context for about half a year, it was a bit hard to let go, even though it was a relief. Over the holidays, I had been invited to interview for a librarian position in Scotland, but I was not sure if the Council would sponsor my visa, which I need to continue living and working in the UK. After a bit of back and forth, I finally got word on Wednesday that the Council would sponsor me if successful, then traveled to the interview on Friday. I got a phone call from my new boss offering me the job on Friday afternoon, and here I am, sitting in a flat, surrounded by boxes and knowing that I am moving somewhere, although I am not entirely sure where just yet.

I really hope that everything works out with the sponsorship this time. I could really use a new adventure, and I think this job and the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful places in Scotland will provide just that. The position is a combined school and public librarian position, which is not something I have done before, so I am really looking forward to the new challenge. Integrated library services are becoming more common in Scotland, although they are still a bit unusual, so it will be interesting to gain experience in this area.

Anyway, I should probably return to my packing. Mind you, might prove a bit difficult as I am still keeping all of my fingers crossed!


About thegreatnorthernlibrarian

I am a newly qualified librarian and law student currently living in Scotland. The name of this blog was inspired by my extreme northern location at the time of the blog's creation. Savvy readers will recognise that it is also a Twin Peaks reference. I do not necessarily categorise myself as "great."
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