I can’t believe it has been three months since I last posted! Although I have been very busy with work and university, I have been thinking about various topics I want to write about. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much of a chance to as work and exams have taken priority, but I really miss blogging. It’s a really helpful way for me to organise my thoughts, so my (belated) New Year’s resolution is to be more disciplined about writing.

I am off to class shortly, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to write about what has been keeping me away from WordPress and even my beloved Google Reader lately.  I am still working part-time at the university library and doing my research job from home. In addition, I am volunteering two half-days per week in an information management capacity for a local charitable organisation. Oh yeah, and then there’s law school!

I am really enjoying my classes this semester, but the way my university runs its exam timetable means that I literally went from one exam to another, then started second semester classes the day after I submitted my last exam. I started the term feeling as though I could already use a break! However, my classes- Intellectual Property Law, International Enivoronmental Law, Human Rights in Comparative Perspective, and Public Sector Financing in Developing Countries- are at least keeping me intellectually stimulated.

I have also recently been invited to interview for a placement that would serve as the basis for my field dissertation. My programme has the option of going abroad to work in a developing country for three months, then writing a dissertation based on the project we completed. As I am extremely interested in access to information and government transparency and accountability, I would really like to go somewhere like Kenya or Tanzania to work on a project that involved drafting or advocating for freedom of information legislation.  My interview is on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed and watch this space! 🙂


About thegreatnorthernlibrarian

I am a newly qualified librarian and law student currently living in Scotland. The name of this blog was inspired by my extreme northern location at the time of the blog's creation. Savvy readers will recognise that it is also a Twin Peaks reference. I do not necessarily categorise myself as "great."
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