There’s No Place Like Home

I am back in Scotland now, and my hiatus from blogging is down to the fact that I have been busy catching up with old friends, unpacking, and getting my new flat organised before beginning the LLM next month. I was even without the internet for five whole days last week whilst I waited to have broadband installed, and it may have been the longest five days of my life!

Since getting back online, I have been doing quite a bit of reading on the current state of public libraries in the UK, reacquainting myself with New Zealand libraries, and developing some ideas for future blog posts. I have also been revisiting my Chartership portfolio, which I sort of abandoned when my sponsorship fell through, and searching for and applying for part time jobs. I love doing all of this as I sit in my new flat overlooking the Kilpatrick Hills, idly watching the sheep grazing as I collect my thoughts.

With regards to new blog posts, I have some ideas kicking around that involve information literacy models, new arrangements in Scottish school libraries, library orientations, and “non-traditional” information careers. Hopefully, I will get some new posts out soon, but in the meantime, I am off to register with my local public library! 🙂



About thegreatnorthernlibrarian

I am a newly qualified librarian and law student currently living in Scotland. The name of this blog was inspired by my extreme northern location at the time of the blog's creation. Savvy readers will recognise that it is also a Twin Peaks reference. I do not necessarily categorise myself as "great."
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