What Was I Thinking?!

As I prepare to embark on a second master’s (wow, didn’t realise how nerdy that sounded until I actually wrote it:), I have been organising and deleting some old files stored in my computer. I stumbled upon essays and notes that I wrote for my first master’s degree, the MSc in Information and Library Studies, and have enjoyed reading through some of them again.

I often like to look back on earlier work, but as I read through some of my essays, I have to ask myself, “What was I thinking?” In some cases, it’s the style or phrasing that makes me cringe. At the time, I thought it was good writing, but I think my style and voice has evolved since then. It will be interesting to see how my writing changes as I update this blog more frequently; already, I am seeing differences in the way I write now as compared to how I wrote last year.

For the most part, however, it is the content that is making me stop and think twice. Although I had worked as a library assistant prior to going to library school, my writing shows that I did not have a clear understanding of what working as a professional librarian would entail. I had worked in technical services as a library assistant, and my essays were definitely skewed more to the technical services aspects of librarianship. I didn’t give much attention to the interpersonal aspects of library service. Where I did mention partnership working or collaboration, the writing seemed a bit flat, as though I was just using buzzwords without really understanding what they meant (which, of course, is precisely what I was doing!).

Reading through my old essays has been a worthwhile experience, even though I often find myself thinking, “Really? I got a distinction on that?!” It’s heartening to see how much I’ve grown over the past three years, and it makes me hopeful that I will grow even more in the near future.


About thegreatnorthernlibrarian

I am a newly qualified librarian and law student currently living in Scotland. The name of this blog was inspired by my extreme northern location at the time of the blog's creation. Savvy readers will recognise that it is also a Twin Peaks reference. I do not necessarily categorise myself as "great."
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